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Aluminum Oxide 180 Grit Blast Media Malaysia

The properties of refractories depend on the phase composition, distribution, and characteristics of each phase(aluminum oxide 30 or 40 grit), that is, the chemical mineral composition of the product. According to the data of chemical composition analysis, according to the type and quantity of the contained ingredients(120 grit aluminum oxide blasting media), the purity of the product or raw material and the chemical characteristics of the product can be judged. 

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For a given raw material, that is, when the chemical composition is constant(silicon carbide grit), an appropriate process can be taken to obtain a phase structure with certain characteristics (such as crystal form, grain size, distribution, and formation of solid solution and glass equal) and a certain structure. (Such as the degree of compactness, particle size and distribution of materials, etc.), to a certain extent, improve the working properties of the product(carborundum abrasives).

Chemical composition is the chemical composition of refractory materials(green silicon carbide powder). The basic component is usually called the main component, and the other components are called the sub-components. The meaning of the sub-ingredients refers to the ingredients that are intentionally added to improve the performance of a certain aspect of the product(carborundum grit), or the unhelpful or harmful ingredients that are unintentionally or unavoidably brought to people.

Additives are often used to make up for the deficiencies of the main ingredients in use or production performance and work performance(black silicon carbide powder). They are often called binding agents, mineralizers, stabilizers, sintering agents, water reducing agents, and anti-hydration agents. Antioxidants, coagulants, expansion agents, etc.(silicon carbide abrasive grit), with a wide range of added ingredients, is the focus of research in the current refractory industry.

Their common features are: a small amount of people added(aluminum oxide blasting media); it can obviously change a certain function or characteristic of the refractory product; it has no serious impact on the main performance of the product(brown aluminum oxide factory). The impurity component refers to the part which is brought into or mixed in the production process with limited purity of the ten raw materials and has a bad influence on the performance of the refractory product.

Refractory products are mineral compositions(brown fused alumina). In addition, acidic oxides (RO2) in alkaline refractories (RO-based) and alkaline oxides in acidic refractories are considered harmful impurities, and they have a strong flux effect at high temperatures. Refractories can be divided into three types according to the chemical properties of their main components(aluminum oxide 180 grit blast media). Generally speaking, K2O, Na2O and FeO or Fe2O3 are harmful impurities in refractory materials.

The nature of the product is a comprehensive reflection of its constituent minerals and microstructure(brown aluminum oxide). The main crystalline phase in the product varies according to the components of the equilibrium system and its relative content. The nature, quantity and the bonding state of the main crystalline phase directly determine the properties of the product(120 grit aluminum oxide). The melting point of several common refractory oxides can be compounded into many refractory minerals.

It is one of the most basic characteristics of refractory products(brown aluminium oxide). Refractory materials are heterogeneous and have main and auxiliary components. This effect makes the temperature of the eutectic liquid phase lower, the amount of liquid phase generated increases, and the increase of the liquid phase speed increases with increasing temperature(black silicon carbide manufacturers), which seriously affects the high temperature performance of refractory products.

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