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Black Silicon Carbide Powder Suppliers Japan

The average content of white fused alumina in the earth's crust is 8.7% (converted to alumina is 16.4%), second only to oxygen and silicon, and ranks third, and it ranks first among metal elements. Due to its lively chemical properties, aluminum exists only as a compound in nature. There are more than 250 types of aluminum-containing minerals in the earth's crust, green silicon carbide of which about 40% are various aluminosilicates. 

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white aluminum oxide minerals rarely form industrial deposits in a pure state, and they are basically symbiotic with various gangue minerals. Bauxite is a kind of aluminous mineral with complex composition and great changes in chemical composition. Rhenium bauxite contains various impurities in addition to Al2O3. According to its genesis, the bauxite deposits can be divided into three main geological types of laterite type, karst type, aluminum oxide abrasive and Zheven type.

Thallium contains a large number of aluminosilicate rocks in many parts of the world. Bauxite is currently the most important ore resource in the production of white corundum. More than 99% of the world's alumina is produced from bauxite. The content of alumina in bauxite varies greatly, the lower is less than 40%, aluminum oxide grit and the higher is more than 70%. Compared with other non-ferrous metal ores, bauxite can be regarded as a very rich ore.

Rhenium bauxite is mainly used in the production of brown fused alumina price (about 90%), but it is also used in the production of artificial corundum, refractories and cement. The main chemical composition is Al2O3, SiO2, Fe2O3, TiO2; a small amount of CaO, MgO, S, Ga, V, Cr, P, etc. Effective alumina refers to the amount of synthetic corundum that can be dissolved from the ore into the solution under certain dissolution conditions.

The type of bauxite has a great influence on the dissolution performance of white alumina. According to the content of the above-mentioned aluminum minerals in bauxite, bauxite can be generally divided into gibbsite type, boehmite type, bauxite type, and various mixed types, such as gibbsite- Boehmite type, boehmite-boehmite type, etc., some boehmite type bauxite also contains a small amount of garnet abrasive

The quality of bauxite mainly depends on the mineral form and the content of harmful impurities in the black corundum. The dissolution performance of different types of bauxite is very different. To measure the quality of bauxite, the following aspects are generally considered. Aluminum-silicon ratio of bauxite. The emery abrasive-silicon ratio refers to the mass ratio of the Al2O3 content to the SiO2 content in the ore, and is generally expressed as A / S.

silicon carbide abrasive is the most harmful impurity in the production of alumina by the alkaline method (especially the Bayer method), so the higher the aluminum-silicon ratio of the bauxite, the better. At present, the aluminum-silicon ratio of bauxite for industrial production is not less than 3.0 ~ 3.5. Alumina content of bauxite. The higher the alumina content, the more advantageous it is to produce pink corundum. Mineral type of bauxite.

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