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Brown Aluminum Oxide 16 Grit Manufacturers Mexico

In Japan, small and medium-sized blast furnaces use iron grades such as R-SN, BF-N, and BF-F to make materials for the village(brown fused alumina). Iron ditches for large and medium-sized blast furnaces use ditch materials such as R-AKJ, R-A2, BF-AS, BF-K. And AT12(black silicon carbide). The bottom of the iron ditch and the part in contact with the molten iron can also be made of refractory materials such as R-SN and R.S.

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The material is packed in plastic bags, with a single weight of 25kg, the particle size of sintered or fused alumina, It accounts for more than 75% of its amount to enhance high temperature wear resistance(brown aluminum oxide); and about 7% of water adjustment is added on site, which is convenient to use. The lining of the second half of the main iron ditch, due to the decrease in the flow rate of the molten iron, and its erosion speed is (1.5 ~ 2.0) × 10mm / s(synthetic corundum).

The combination of R-AK is as follows: 30% fused alumina less than 8mm, high-quality graphite 7% -10%, silicon carbide 15% -20%, clay 5% -10%(brown aluminium oxide), plus an appropriate amount of chemical binder (usually Phosphoric acid, etc.). The proportion of blast furnace ditch materials proposed by the company is: 55% ~ 75% alumina, 10% ~ 30% silicon carbide, 5% ~ 20% carbon, and 5% ~ 12% chemical binder, if repaired 3 to 4 times, it can reach 90,000 t(aluminum oxide abrasive).

This material has good corrosion resistance to molten iron and slag(white alumina). When selecting and preparing refractory materials for blast furnace iron ditch, attention should be paid to the following issues: silicon carbide plays a role of filling and forms the matrix body of the trench, so the particle size should be less than 3.4mm, of which less than 0.15mm should account for more than 60%(emery abrasive); slows down the damage, carbon Material optional.

It can be seen from the table that the iron ditch of the blast furnace larger than 4000m is replaced, and the village can pass 25,000 to 45,000 tons of molten iron without repairing(black corundum). After repairing or spraying 2 to 6 times, the total amount of molten iron passing is about 10 10,000 t; blast furnace iron ditch less than 2000m is generally fixed, the lining can pass through the amount of molten iron 30,000 to 40,000 t without repair(aluminum oxide grit).

According to reports, according to a Japanese investigation on the damage to the main iron ditch village of the blast furnace, the main iron ditch was directly damaged by the molten iron, and the damage was more serious(pink corundum). The erosion lining ditch near the tap hole was generally (6.0 ~ 8.5) × 10 -mm / s(garnet abrasive). and proportional to the 1.9th power of the amount of molten iron and the second power of the amount of slag.

Use natural graphite or amorphous carbon, the particle size should be less than 0.3mm(silicon carbide abrasive). In order to improve the service life of the blast furnace lining of the blast furnace and improve the operating conditions, the companies such as Nippon Steel Corporation, Kurosaki Passenger Company(garnet suppliers), and Shinagawa Refractories Co., Ltd. have developed the pouring construction method (N-Cast method) and core mold vibration.

Clay or asphalt are used as binders, and chemical binders are also used(green silicon carbide). The common point of these three methods is that the iron ditch stub lining is not removed and can be fully utilized, which can reduce the consumption of refractory materials(glass bead blasting media suppliers). The molding method (VF method) and the core mold dry vibration molding method (SVP method) have been used in iron trenches instead of the ramming construction method.

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