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Brown Aluminum Oxide 46 Grit Manufacturers Germany

The investment casting process using water glass binder in my country was first applied to industrial production in the late 1950s(brown aluminum oxide). At the latest in the early and middle spring and autumn, my country has begun to apply the lost wax casting method to cast and produce various bronze vessels, bells, and works of art(white corundum manufacturers). The shapes are complex and gorgeous, the patterns are delicate and exquisite, and the inscriptions are beautiful and clear.

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Looking at the development and growth trend of investment casting industry in various places and the continuous increase in the quality and demand of investment castings in the international market(brown fused aluminum oxide factory), the development speed will still be relatively fast in the next few years. So that my country’s investment casting has developed rapidly, and its application scope has been continuously expanded(black aluminium oxide). Ethyl silicate is a high-quality adhesive.(brown aluminum oxide 46 grit manufacturers germany)

It has been used in almost all industrial sectors such as aviation(pink aluminum oxide), aerospace, machinery manufacturing, automobiles, ships, medical care, sports, electronics, petroleum, chemical, nuclear energy, weapons, etc. Since then, investment casting has entered the aviation, national defense and machinery manufacturing industries with its technological and technological superiority(white aluminum oxide blast media). As a high-quality binder, silica sol is suitable for the production of castings with high surface quality requirements.

(brown aluminum oxide 46 grit manufacturers germany)In recent decades(brown aluminium oxide), my country’s investment casting has inherited ancient traditional craftsmanship and applied modern craftsmanship to replicate exquisite ancient cultural relics and works of art, such as Western Han translucent mirrors, fish basins, Steel Buddha statues, etc., reproduce this ancient craftsmanship and show a broad prospect(black aluminum oxide blast media). There are many types of binders used in investment casting, and the most widely used are: silica sol, ethyl silicate and water glass.

Used in investment casting process, it has the advantages of good shell surface quality, high high temperature strength and high temperature resistance to deformation(white aluminium oxide). Because the castings obtained by this method have precise dimensions, clear edges and corners, smooth surfaces, and close to the final shape of the part, various bells and dings(brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers), it is a near-net-shape casting process, so it is also called precision casting, and has been practically applied.(brown aluminum oxide 46 grit manufacturers germany)

The surface tension and viscosity of the ethyl silicate binder are low, and the coating performance is good(black aluminum oxide). The ethyl silicate shell has high refractoriness, strong resistance to deformation at high temperatures, low surface roughness, and better surface quality. Good: However, due to its high price and the impact of environmental protection requirements, its application in investment casting production has shown a gradual decrease(white fused alumina price). It is widely used.

(brown aluminum oxide 46 grit manufacturers germany)The performance of the water glass binder is relatively stable, but the dimensional accuracy of the water glass shell investment casting is low(brown fused alumina), and the surface roughness is relatively large, and it is generally difficult to meet the requirements of high appearance quality. There are still many investment casting companies using this process to produce carbon with low appearance quality. Steel and low alloy steel castings(white fused alumina manufacturer). Commonly used are ethyl silicate 40 and 32.

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