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Brown Aluminum Oxide Sandblasting Price Brazil

Because when the sodium aluminate solution reaches the saturation concentration, the dissolution rate is zero, that is, the gibbsite is no longer dissolved(brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers). They also studied the dissolution process of gibbsite type bauxite in Malaysia. Compared with gibbsite, the dissolution condition of gibbsite is much more severe(low density white alumina). The surface activation energy is 43.89kJ/mol.

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The disadvantage of this dynamic mathematical model is that the velocity is determined by the dynamic equilibrium state without considering the mechanism of the process(black corundum). Some people have studied the decomposition process of sodium aluminate solution, and obtained the kinetic equation of the decomposition process(white aluminium oxide 180/220). They think that after changing the equation, it can be used to describe the dissolution process of aluminum trihydrate.

They think that the dissolution process of gibbsite consists of three parts(brown aluminium oxide grit), which are described by the distribution functions of reaction time o (1), 1 (1) and a (T). 92 (T) is the time distribution function of the dissolution reaction of gibbsite, go (1) is the time distribution function of the induction period of the dissolution reaction, and G1 (T) is the time distribution function of the precipitation reaction of gibbsite from sodium aluminate solution(alumina grit).

They think that the dissolution reaction of bauxite is different from that of aluminum hydroxide(brown fused alumina). It is concluded that the dissolution rate of gibbsite type bauxite is not controlled by diffusion process but by chemical reaction process. The peak of the polynuclear complex anion with al-0-al bond in the solution with high Al2O3 concentration overlaps with the phase of Al (OH) 3, which makes the chemical displacement move to a high field(black alumina).

It needs higher temperature and higher caustic concentration to reach a certain dissolution rate(brown aluminum oxide). The dissolution temperature of boehmite type bauxite needs to be at least 200 ℃, however, the actual temperature used in production is generally 240-250 ℃, the concentration of the solution is usually 180-240g / L Na2O, which is the main feature of Bayer process in Europe(aluminium oxide blasting). However, in the actual dissolution process, SiO2 sometimes does not react completely.

There are a lot of research data about the dissolubility of boehmite in caustic solution(brown aluminium oxide). When Na2O is 120-300g / L, the relationship between equilibrium solubility and caustic soda content at different temperatures is shown in the figure. The equilibrium molecular ratio of the solution decreases with the increase of temperature and Na2O concentration(20 mesh aluminium oxide grit). At the same time, the activation energy of diaspore dissolution process at 173 ~ 250 ℃ was studied.

At the temperature of 173 ~ 250 ℃(white alumina), the activation energy of diaspore dissolution process is 83.8kj/mol, the activation energy of reverse reaction is 54.6kj/mol, and the product is usually powdered alumina, and the dissolution process is in the control stage of surface chemical reaction(white aluminum oxide 80 grit). The above formula assumes that SiO2 in the ore is completely combined with Al2O3 and Na2O to form sodium aluminosilicate with water content. 

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