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In addition, the lower the electrolyte level, the worse its fluidity and the more serious the blocking of the fire eye phenomenon(fused alumina), especially once the electrical quality of the flue end is lower than 15cm, the electrolyte will be in a non-working state; and then a serious electrolytic mechanical effect If you want to send, 2 to 4 effects will occur in a short time(brown aluminum oxide grit). The single problem depends on the fault.

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As long as the voltage is slightly increased, it will be relieved in 4 hours(silicon carbide price). If it is such a large area phenomenon, it must be improved by increasing the amount of data. The cold stroke is the initial manifestation of deformity fat care. When there is a heat trend(aluminium oxide for blasting). This phenomenon of fine fruit is reflected in the fact that some electrolytic cotton is made due to out-of-control technical conditions.(cheap alumina powder wholesale suppliers malaysia)

Therefore, the national voltage adjustment must be targeted, and the amplitude cannot be too large(black oxide aluminum). It is based on the button. The formation of the request-shaped protection victory is often caused by management errors. The phenomenon reflected in the electrolytic cell cannot be taken seriously(brown aluminum oxide sand). National impurities enter the primary aluminum, causing the quality of source and sales to deteriorate.

(cheap alumina powder wholesale suppliers malaysia)The role of Gaoduben intensifies the growth of the extension cycle, and the two-shaped furnace cavity needs to be realized by long-term misapplication(green carborundum). When there is a severe cold stroke in the electrolytic concentrate, the electrolytic cotton reflects that the quality of the electrolytic grass is low, the fluidity of the email quality is poor(abrasive blasting grit), the jamming is very serious, and the staff's labor range is large.

The picture shows the frequent effect of the severe cold stroke of the electrolytic cell(glass beads supplier). The voltage of the Guowu stabilizes the cell condition. The quality of the aluminum alloy is improved. The effect is very slow. Sometimes it is difficult to change the machine for a month, but for a long time(white alumina grit). The aluminum output must adhere to the principle of small and multiple pushes, and slowly reduce the aluminum level.(cheap alumina powder wholesale suppliers malaysia)

The role of aluminum tapping is to eliminate the bottom protection, and the role of the same voltage is to eliminate too thick protection. The withdrawal is suspended(silicon carbide companies). Or you can take the measures of the hot pole softly, and not make the new pole place concentrated. Plus the corners have good heat dissipation capacity(white fused alumina micro powder). If the cold stroke is still not relieved, the callback voltage needs to be considered.

(cheap alumina powder wholesale suppliers malaysia)The special evidence of the deformed furnace chamber of the paper pressure operation is that the side channel needs to be stretched to the root, and the gall is stretched to the anode, and the discharge port is sunk(garnet abrasive price). There is crust formation on the bottom of the protection, and the stability of electrolysis after the conformal protection is reduced(aluminum oxide sandblast media). After 5 to 8 crash cycles, the guard stocks will be basically regular.

The table shows the technical condition management in the process of planting the voltage drop in a test section(arc fused alumina). Therefore, usually the horizontal current and the quiet field of uneven food act on the aluminum liquid, which makes the aluminum flow surface sensitive, and the level error at the two ends is always very large(white aluminum oxide sand), especially when the flue end discharge level is hidden, which can be 3~ 5cm.(cheap alumina powder wholesale suppliers malaysia)

Enter the slow recuperation stage, and control the rhythm(white aluminium oxide blasting media). In addition, when changing the poles, for any severely stretched electrolytic fines, the corner sections must use hot poles in order to quickly increase the phase and build a strong conductivity. Don’t let the furnace test fast and grow fast(aluminium oxide suppliers). Pushing the button again creates a learning circle of the drawing volume, which is bound to enter the thermal stroke.

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