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Strength refers to the resistance of the solid polymer to new cracks and high elastic deformation and the resistance of the polymer to plastic deformation at high temperatures(aluminum oxide grit). Simply put, strength refers to the ability of a polymer to resist damage and deformation under the action of an external force(100 grit aluminum oxide white). The polymer is subjected to different forces during use, and the method of surface damage is also different, a large strain can occur. 

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This change is called strain, and the additional internal force per unit area is defined as stress(aluminum oxide abrasive). Thin specimens generally give higher impact strength than thick specimens. Therefore, various strength indexes are set up. After B point, the stress is reduced and the strain of the sample is increased. The fracture that occurs before the material appears to yield is called a brittle new crack(white fused alumina suppliers). The unit of stress in the International System of Units is expressed in Pa (1Pa = lN / m). 

As a standard for testing the mechanical properties of conventional polymers, the following introduces the mechanical properties of several mediators on the basis of understanding some basic physical quantities and mechanical properties(black silicon carbide). Stress and strain When a material is subjected to an external force, the material deforms accordingly, and its geometry and size will change(white fused alumina manufacturer). Obviously, its value and unit The external forces on the area are equal.

To estimate the contribution of these two factors to the impact strength separately, at this point, the first two methods are impossible(green silicon carbide). The results obtained from various impact tests may be very inconsistent. Different test methods often give different impact strengths of encapsulated compounds, and the value measured after the method is determined is not a material constant(white aluminum oxide abrasive). The geometry and size of the sample greatly affect it (may even be a few hundred percent).

When the temperature is very low, the stress increases proportionally with the strain(wilson abrasive). Finally, the fracture occurs when the strain is less than 10%. When the temperature rises slightly, it is still at T In the following, a turning point B appears on the stress-strain curve, which is called the yield point, and the stress reaches a maximum value at point B, which is called the yield stress(white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit). In the latter stage, the curve rises more obviously until it finally breaks.

The way the material is stressed differs in the way it deforms(silicon carbide abrasive). There are three basic types of isotropic materials. The molecular mechanism of the large deformation of the material after the flexion point is mainly the movement of the polymer segment, that is, with the help of large external forces(corundum white), the originally frozen segment of the glassy polymer begins to move, and the extension of the polymer chain provides the material Great deformation.

It may be broken, bent, broken, or crushed or lowered, or it may be damaged due to repeated twists or deformations(brown aluminium oxide). However, because the temperature is still low, the sample continues to break when the elongation is controlled, and the total strain does not exceed 20%; if the temperature rises again to T(buy brown fused alumina), within the range of tens of degrees below, after the yield point, the sample is at Without increasing the external force or the external force is not increased greatly.

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