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Cheapest White Fused Alumina Powder Suppliers USA

The film layer is relatively dry, the ambient temperature is low, the film temperature should be higher, and vice versa(aluminum oxide sandblasting). Generally, brushes with a particle size of 180 days and 240 mesh are used for deburring after drilling: a brush with a particle size of 320 mesh and 500 mesh is used for the treatment of the substrate before the dry film(black synthetic corundum). The laminated substrate must be positioned with the negative before exposure.

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If the film temperature is too high(silicon carbide 180 grit), the image of the dry film becomes brittle, the etching resistance and the mirror performance deteriorate, and even thermal polymerization occurs. When the film temperature is too low, the dry film will not adhere firmly to the metal surface(aluminium oxide polishing powder). Using heavy chlorine base as the base plate, and the humidity is low, visual positioning can also be adopted for low-density double-sided panels.

(cheapest white fused alumina powder suppliers usa)The conveying speed is related to the film temperature, the higher the temperature(carborundum grit), the faster the conveying speed, the lower the temperature, the slower the conveying speed. The transfer speed usually used is 0.9m/min-1.8m/min. During the filming process, it is difficult for the hot pressing roller to provide sufficient heat to the substrate at the required conveying speed(alumina polishing powder), so it is necessary to preheat the filmed substrate.

In order to maintain the stability of the process(silicon carbide abrasive grit), the board after the film can not be fermented immediately, and it should be exposed after about 10 minutes of cooling and recovery. The substrate processed by the pumice powder plate making machine has the following advantages(silicon carbide abrasive powder): the abrasive pumice powder is combined with the nylon brush, which can remove all dirt and expose a fresh and clean steel surface.(cheapest white fused alumina powder suppliers usa)

The so-called positioning system is composed of positioning pins and corresponding fixing devices(pink aluminum oxide). There are two types of positioning holes in the shape of round holes and elliptical holes. The intact film should have a smooth surface, no wrinkles, no bubbles, no dust particles and other inclusions(aluminum oxide blasting). For single-sided or single-sided etched metal materials, the master can be directly placed in a suitable position by visual inspection.

(cheapest white fused alumina powder suppliers usa)Because the side holes are not movable in a fixed horizontal position(black aluminum oxide), positioning becomes a problem when the temperature and humidity of the substrate or sheet gene expand and contract. More often for positioning The positioning is often forced, and long-term operation will inevitably deform the positioning hole of the film base, and it rubs tangentially with the board surface(carborundum powder), which will reduce the positioning accuracy.

During the development or electroplating process, the film is easy to layer or even fall off(brown fused aluminum oxide). However, simple visual alignment cannot guarantee the positioning accuracy for double-sided board production and parts that require double-sided etching. At this time, positioning tools are required to perform positioning(silicon carbide grit suppliers). There are two positioning methods for circuit boards: pin-out positioning system and fixed-pin positioning system.

But for other non-circuit boards that need to be etched on both sides of the metal sheet, a positioning system must be used for positioning. The knock-out pin positioning system includes a photographic plate film punch and a multi-hole knock-out positioner (the circle holes are generally two or three, and the positioning accuracy of three is higher than two). Usually the temperature is controlled at around 80℃~100℃(carborundum grit suppliers).

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