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Pink Fused Alumina Wholesale Suppliers In South Africa

The smelting of Cr corundum is similar to that of white alumina abrasive. A small amount of Cr2O3 is added into the alumina powder as the main raw material. Due to the small amount of Cr2O3, it is mixed in batches according to the ratio of chromium oxide: aluminum oxide powder = 1:5, and then added synchronously with 46 grit aluminum oxide.

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During the cooling process, sodium aluminate is also segregated in the middle and upper part of the brown fused alumina price melting block. The utilization rate of chromium oxide is only 40% ~ 60%. The main reasons for the loss of chromium oxide are as follows: carbon is introduced into the molten liquid from carbon bearing corundum abrasive materials such as carbon rod, electrode, furnace lining carbon brick, so that part of Cr2O3 in the molten liquid is reduced.

(pink fused alumina wholesale suppliers in south africa)The reduced chromium exists in the gap of white alumina crystal as a metal phase, resulting in the increase of chromium atoms in the system that are not solid melt lattice structure. Because chromium oxide is added with powder, the flying loss is large. In the process of crushing and classifying, the segregation was removed as unqualified product, and its loss accounted for 10% - 15% of the chromium oxide added into the raw aluminum oxide grit material.

There is a great difference between the chromium oxide added in raw materials and the white aluminum oxide contained in products. Part of chromium oxide forms chromate, which is segregated with sodium aluminate and concentrated in the upper part of the frit. The proper additives can improve the integrity of alumina grit entering the solid melt. Install the lower reaction material, sort the material surface, and install the reaction materials on both sides of the furnace core.

The measure to reduce the loss of chromium oxide is to add black corundum in the middle and later stages of smelting. Chromium oxide should be mixed evenly with some aluminum oxide powder in advance and be added into the furnace together with aluminum oxide powder. For example, when adding 1.5% TiO2 to the furnace charge, the amount of black silicon carbide entering the solid melt can be increased from 50% to 80%.(pink fused alumina wholesale suppliers in south africa)

Install the movable furnace and move it to the white fused alumina charging position. Move the charging machine to the upper part of the furnace car. Start the longitudinal belt conveyor on the motor to make its blanking port at one end of the furnace bed. Inform the feeding. Load the bottom synthetic corundum price material: load from one end of the furnace to the other end. Install the partition box: move the charging machine horizontally and lift the partition box.

(pink fused alumina wholesale suppliers in south africa)After loading, move the charging machine to the upper part of the silicon carbide abrasive furnace. The side wall of the upper section shall be firm. The insulation materials on both sides shall be installed. The furnace core body shall be installed, leveled and compacted. Pull out the partition box, gather the scattered graphite on the reaction aluminum oxide abrasive material to the top of the furnace core, and then install the burning material, the upper material and the heat preservation material in turn.

After each brown aluminium oxide material is installed, the top material surface shall be arranged to be trapezoid. There are three methods for smelting zirconia corundum according to the materials used. The first is to use bauxite and zircon sand plus reducing agent to remove impurities. The second is aluminum oxide powder and industrial pure zirconia. The third is green silicon carbide and zircon sand concentrate. For economic reasons, the second method is not adopted, and the first method is most commonly used.

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