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Brown Fused Alumina Mesh Size F30 Suppliers Canada

If necessary, the supporting software includes: management software (such as Chinese word processing software(brown fused alumina), data acquisition software, etc.), human-machine interface software, communication software, etc(brown fused alumina manufacturer). The security level of the monitoring system is higher than that of the power management information system and the office automation system.

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The monitoring system must have its own security protection facilities with high reliability(brown aluminum oxide), general tabulation software and picture generation software, general and special compiling software and its programming environment, and shall not be directly connected with the system with lower security level(aluminum oxide grit). When the monitoring system is interconnected with the office automation system or other information systems in the form of network.

(brown fused alumina mesh size F30 suppliers canada)The application software shall meet the requirements of all functions configured by the system, and the structural modular software shall be adopted(pink corundum). The functional software module or task module shall have certain integrity, independence and good real-time response speed(aluminium oxide blasting). The power monitoring system and power dispatching data network shall not be connected to the Internet, and the use of E-mail shall be strictly restricted.

The monitoring configuration software of the integrated automation system shall pass the appraisal and test of the competent department of the industry(brown aluminium oxide). It shall support the above system structure and system configuration. It has powerful editing function, can edit all kinds of pictures online, and has multimedia sound and light alarm function(garnet abrasive). The brake element has double broken line percentage braking characteristics.(brown fused alumina mesh size F30 suppliers canada)

During the transient process of current transformer and voltage transformer and under the condition of current transformer saturation(green silicon carbide), the relay protection and safety automatic device shall operate correctly. When the external fault of the protected line and the power reversal (including the power reversal of each sequence quantity) caused by the successive breaking of the external line(white aluminum oxide abrasive), the relay protection device shall not misoperate.

(brown fused alumina mesh size F30 suppliers canada)Modular program structure, friendly, simple and intuitive user interface(white alumina), with online help function; Basic principle: in the power system, the system with higher security level is not affected by the system with lower security level. The protection functions of SEL-587 relay include: current differential protection(garnet suppliers), and SEL-587 relay includes independent braking and non braking current differential elements.

It has the function of "five preventions"; with object-oriented programming(black silicon carbide), the monitoring system can realize the interconnection with other local power monitoring systems through special LAN, or realize the interconnection of upper and lower remote power monitoring systems through power dispatching data network(artificial corundum), special and reliable safety isolation facilities certified by the relevant state departments must be adopted.(brown fused alumina mesh size F30 suppliers canada)

Special network equipment should be used for networking on the special channel, and special line(black corundum), synchronous digital sequence, quasi synchronous digital sequence and other methods should be adopted to realize the security isolation from the public information network on the physical level(aluminum oxide abrasive). Power dispatching data network only allows the transmission of data services directly related to power dispatching production.

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