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The influence of liquid temperature on specific volume C of aluminum box is shown in the figure(garnet suppliers). Direct current corrosion method is also called electrochemical corrosion method. It places aluminum box in hydrochloric acid solution with carbon rod as negative electrode(fused aluminium oxide). The advantage of AC corrosion method is that large current rectifying equipment is omitted. The frequency of corrosion current also has a great influence.

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Aluminum box is connected with positive electrode of power supply, and carbon rod is connected with negative electrode(garnet abrasive). The corrosion rate will be related to the current density. These parameters can be determined according to different requirements of corrosion slips(black silicon carbide suppliers). The disadvantage of this method is that the corrosion adopts low voltage and high current, the contact point is easy to flash fire, and there are many faults.

(sponge media abrasive blasting manufacturers uae)The experimental results show that with the increase of frequency, the pitting hole diameter decreases(emery abrasive), the pit density increases, and the uniformity of corrosion hole distribution improves, which is conducive to the increase of specific volume of aluminum box(buy brown fused alumina). Sometimes, a small amount of sodium hyaluronate can be added to the alkali washing bed, or the acid which is not so strongly eroded by sulfuric acid and nitric acid.

When the frequency increases to a certain critical value(synthetic corundum), the pitting pore size is too small, which easily causes the corrosion holes to merge into large pores, resulting in the reduction of the specific surface area and the specific volume C of the aluminum box. Scanning electron microscope was used to photograph the cross section of anodic aluminum box corroded by tunnel(aluminum oxide blast media). There are many factors that affect the corrosion quality of aluminum box.(sponge media abrasive blasting manufacturers uae)

In this way, with the extension of the corrosion time, the corrosion hole will grow fully(aluminum oxide grit), but if the corrosion time is too long, the aluminum box will be thinner and the purpose of expanding the surface area will not be achieved. It is necessary to comprehensively consider the influence of corrosion liquid formula(brown fused alumina factory), corrosion temperature, corrosion time, power frequency and current density to optimize the corrosion process parameters.

(sponge media abrasive blasting manufacturers uae)Due to the elimination of the bad contact between the conductive roller of the corrosion linkage machine and the aluminum box and the problems easily caused by high current(aluminum oxide abrasive). So far, the corrosion method is still widely used. Most of the anode aluminum boxes for high voltage and flash lamp use DC corrosion method(glass bead blasting media suppliers). At present, the tunnel corrosion theory is most commonly used to explain the DC corrosion mechanism.

The corrosion holes are uniform and the corrosion effect is good(black silicon carbide). The central part of the cross section of the box is not corroded, and the center part remains, so the corrosion chamber with high mechanical strength can be obtained. The disadvantage of this method is that the corrosion holes are small and it is difficult to obtain a high pressure corrosion chamber with thick oxide film(black silicon carbide factory). It is difficult to clean chlorine after corrosion.(sponge media abrasive blasting manufacturers uae)

It can be seen from the figure that the aluminum box first enters into the alkali washing tank for alkaline washing(green silicon carbide), with NaOH, the concentration is 5% ~ 6%, and the temperature is 30 ~ 40 ℃. With the increase of current density, the specific volume increases, but when the current is too high, the corrosion holes are formed too quickly(black silicon carbide manufacturers), which easily causes the corrosion film to fall off, resulting in the reduction of specific volume C. 

(sponge media abrasive blasting manufacturers uae)On the one hand(silicon carbide abrasive), the purpose of alkali washing is to remove the oxide film and oil film existing on the surface of the tank, on the other hand, the number and distribution of corrosion initiation can reach the predetermined target, so it has a great influence on the corrosion effect of the next passage(steel grid). The corrosion parameters, such as current density, solution concentration, solution type and liquid temperature, can be selected properly.

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