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Therefore, the phenomenon of metal dissolution in molten salt is one of the notable characteristics of the molten salt electrolysis process(aluminium oxide abrasive powder suppliers canada). After crushing the sample, it is treated with hydrochloric acid, and the volume of released hydrogen is measured to calculate the content of aluminum(aluminum oxide suppliers usa). In the first case, the sample is quenched, and the dissolved aluminum exists in a very fine solid metal phase. 

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The anodic oxidation of dissolved aluminum can be expressed by the following formula(white fused alumina price): the dissolution of alkali metals in the molten alkali metal halide salts can cause electronic conductivity(aluminium oxide abrasive powder suppliers canada). There are two main methods to determine the solubility of aluminum in molten cryolite: quench the melt sample, and then analyze the metal in the sample. The following equilibrium can be established at the / electrolyte interface(how to choose white fused alumina). Aluminum - 1s-2 ° 2P3 ° 3p. 

According to the chemical theory, the essence of metal dissolution in molten salt is due to the chemical interaction between metal and molten salt, resulting in the formation of low-cost compounds(80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). Among them, chemical theory is the most widely supported, and color center theory is paid more and more attention(aluminium oxide abrasive powder suppliers canada). After a certain time, take it out for heat treatment, or repeated impregnation and reheat treatment for many times(alumina powder suppliers).

In the second case, in the gravimetric method, the mass of aluminum before adding melt is weighed, and the mass of aluminum after test is weighed, and the dissolution loss is determined according to the mass difference between before and after(aluminium oxide suppliers south africa). However, the metal reacts with kuncho material, It is prone to errors, and the reliability of this method is not very high. Gravimetric method to determine the weight loss of metal(aluminium oxide abrasive powder suppliers canada).

During electrolysis(white aluminum oxide blast media), according to the relevant theories of physical chemistry of molten salt, the dissolution of metal in molten salt forms metal solution, and its dissolution mechanism mainly has two theories(aluminium oxide abrasive powder suppliers canada): chemical theory, that is, the formation of low valence compounds and dimer ions, which is also called atom ion solution theory in recent years(aluminum oxide blasting media); Color center (f-center) theory, also known as ion electron solution theory.

And in some cases, these low valence ions dimerize and form stable low valence complex ions in solution(vietnam aluminum oxide). The graphite anode containing different catalysts is prepared by impregnating the graphite rod with spectral pure graphite rod as carbon anode material and different chloride, nitrate or single, binary or multicomponent component solution as impregnating agent(aluminium oxide abrasive powder suppliers canada). "The corresponding electron migration number is 0.29 in an electrolyte saturated with aluminum(china brown fused alumina manufacturers)."

Stable low valence ions are established by closed pairs of generated 6s~ electrons(aluminium oxide abrasive powder suppliers canada). Pure molten cryolite and cryolite alumina melt are usually colorless and transparent, and the color changes only when there is metal dissolution. When aluminum is dissolved in cryolite melt, gray fog can be seen spreading from the metal(aluminium oxide grit suppliers). This phenomenon is the so-called metal fog, which can be seen in the case of static aluminum dissolution and electrolysis.

In the molten cryolite in contact with aluminum, both dissolved aluminum and dissolved sodium can be generated(aluminum oxide blast media canada). The valence of elements in the compound depends on the structure of the electronic layer. In ionic compounds, these elements will lose the outermost electrons and obtain the structure of atmosphere - 1s2s22 °, with valence of 1, 2 and 3 respectively(aluminium oxide abrasive powder suppliers canada).  The dissolution of aluminum in the molten electrolyte belongs to the former case(aluminum oxide grit).

Therefore(white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit), it is logical that the metal dissolves in the molten salt to generate low-valent ions, and exists in the form of stable dimer ions(aluminium oxide abrasive powder suppliers canada). In this way, there is a certain concentration of dissolved sodium in the electrolyte(high purity fused aluminum oxide). This phenomenon has been discovered for nearly a hundred years, and electronic conductivity reduces the current efficiency of metal electrowinning and electrolysis processes(aluminium oxide blasting media).  This is one of the basic issues that govern current efficiency and is therefore very important.

For example, according to the thermodynamic model obtained from the study of metal solubility data, it is believed that the dissolved sodium is in the form of free sodium, while the dissolved aluminum is in the monovalent ion form AIF5(aluminum oxide supplier). At this time, the measured ion specific conductivity is 222 ohmcm, and it is considered that the conductivity has increased due to the electronic conductivity, so the electronic conductivity should be 0.89 chm(aluminium oxide abrasive powder suppliers canada).

On this issue(aluminum oxide abrasive suppliers), predecessors have already had many studies, reviews and monographs(aluminium oxide abrasive powder suppliers canada). The low-valent ions of the dissolved metal can migrate to the anode in the electrolyte, where oxidation occurs. Some researchers have also measured the diffusion coefficient of the dissolved metal ions, and believe that the migration coefficient of the above-mentioned low-valent ions is higher than that of other ions in the molten salt(aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit).

As the aluminum produced on the cathode interacts with the electrolyte during the aluminum electrolysis process, sodium will be replaced, and there will be a certain amount of sodium activity at the metal/electrolyte interface(white fused alumina suppliers). With the dissolution of sodium, excess electrons will appear, leading to Electronic conductivity, it will affect the current efficiency(aluminium oxide abrasive powder suppliers canada). Many scholars have studied the electronic conductivity of aluminum electrolytes(aluminium oxide blasting grit).

However, in the process of aluminum electrolysis, there are many reasons for the overvoltage on the carbon anode(wholesale brown fused alumina). Borisoglebskii et al. measured the electronic conductivity of about 3% at 1000 ℃ in cryolite melt with aluminum. Considering the problem of sodium vapor evaporation, this first study was questioned(aluminium oxide abrasive powder suppliers canada). Later researchers pointed out that the electronic conductivity in the aluminum electrolyte is so low that it can be ignored(brown corundum).

Generally, the dissolution reaction formula of aluminum is as follows(aluminium oxide abrasive powder suppliers canada). In an industrial electrolytic cell, the metal dissolved in the vicinity of the cathode presents a gradient distribution, and the influence of electronic conductivity is gradually weakened(brown fused alumina manufacturers). It is very important to understand the dissolution and re-oxidation loss of aluminum precipitated in the electrolysis process, and its causes and mechanisms, and to take countermeasures to increase the yield of aluminum.

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