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It can be seen that when the ratio a (generally known as film thickness ratio) is greater than 3 ~ 4(garnet abrasive price), the micro peaks on the surface do not contact and contact fatigue wear is not easy to occur. For pure rolling contact crack, the crack occurs at the maximum shear stress of subsurface layer (subsurface layer), and the crack develops slowly(alumina polishing powder), and the crack fracture surface color is brighter than that of crack initiation growth.

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According to Hertz theory, the maximum normal stress occurs on the surface, while the maximum shear stress occurs at a certain distance from the surface(glass beads manufacturers). A is 1 / 2 of the width of the contact area. The film thickness ratio is related to the viscosity of lubricating oil(carborundum powder). When a value is less than 3-4, with the decrease of a value, the number of micro peaks in contact between the surfaces increases and the fatigue wear increases.(high quality pink fused aluminum oxide factory usa)

In China, the erosion caused by the relative movement of the fluid of hard particles almost parallel to the solid surface is called abrasive erosion(black aluminum oxide). But the viscosity of oil increases with the increase of pressure. In the contact area of the line or point of the rolling element, the oil pressure is close to 1000MPa(green silicon carbide powder). The distance is 0.47a for the former and 0.78a for the latter. The second phase carried in the flow can be solid particles.

Under the condition of normal temperature and normal pressure, under the condition of ultra-high pressure(white aluminium oxide), the viscosity of oil varies greatly due to the different pressure viscosity characteristics. At the same time, the loose particles of erosion wear are generally less than 100um, and the impact velocity is within 550m / s(carborundum grit suppliers). When steam turbine blade is running in high temperature superheated steam, it will be eroded by water drops.

(high quality pink fused aluminum oxide factory usa)The damage beyond this range is usually called foreign object damage, which is not part of the discussion on erosion wear(brown fused aluminum oxide). Generally, the hardness of the particles causing impact wear is higher than that of the impacted material. However, when the flow velocity is very high, soft particles and even water droplets can cause erosion(black silicon carbide powder). Erosion wear has become one of the causes of material damage in many industrial sectors.

For example, if the dust and sand particles in the air are immersed in the helicopter engine, its life can be reduced by 90%(white fused alumina); in a broad sense, the damage to buildings caused by natural wind and rain and the evolution of terrain and landform over time contain erosion effect(steel shot abrasive). The erosion caused by the impact of solid particles carried by liquid medium on the surface of materials is also called mud erosion, droplets or bubbles.(high quality pink fused aluminum oxide factory usa)

Therefore, this phenomenon is called erosion and wear in engineering(white aluminum oxide), but it is called soil erosion in nature. Because erosion wear involves a wide range of fields and various industries, even though the oil has the same viscosity, it is difficult to unify the common name in practical engineering(glass bead abrasive). It can be seen that the erosion phenomena which cause serious damage and are closely related to the actual production are the most noticeable.

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