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The reaction of generating aluminum sulfide on the cathode is carried out simultaneously with the main reaction of precipitating aluminum(cheap abrasive sandblasting manufacturers pakistan). The generated aluminum carbide exists on the surface of cathode carbon block and in the gap of carbon block(brown fused alumina manufacturers). Since the initial conditions of the electrolytic cell are suitable for the precipitation of sodium, sodium will be preferentially precipitated. 

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Two reaction mechanisms are proposed for the formation of carbonized cotton on the cathode: the chemical reaction between aluminum and carbon(white fused alumina suppliers). Since then, some researchers have measured data of 40 ~ 120mV. Therefore, it is considered that the cathode overvoltage changes according to the different position of the open electrode surface(cheap abrasive sandblasting manufacturers pakistan). A lot of work has been done on the research of sodium entering carbon materials.

In the presence of cryolite(brown corundum), the reaction can be catalytically accelerated, so it can be generated at a lower temperature(cheap abrasive sandblasting manufacturers pakistan). Studies have shown that at the electrolysis temperature, the solubility of aluminum carbide in the electrolyte is about 25%, and the solubility in aluminum liquid is about 0.01%(wholesale brown fused alumina). During the overhaul of electrolytic grid, it is forbidden to water the waste villages to prevent poisoning caused by NaCN hydrolysis.

The catalytic effect of cryolite can be explained that cryolite can dissolve the oxide film on the surface of aluminum, making it easier for fresh metal aluminum to react with carbon to generate aluminum carbide, and the electrochemical reaction between aluminum and carbon(aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit). Carbonization button generated in cathode carbon block and tank side wall carbon brick(cheap abrasive sandblasting manufacturers pakistan). The above three react in the cathode rod area to produce sodium oxide (NaCN).

Due to the appearance of micro galvanic cells in the carbon cathode in the electrolytic plant(white fused alumina price), in which the lead liquid becomes the anode and the carbon block becomes the cathode, the reaction to generate alumina occurs on the anode and aluminum carbide occurs on the cathode(cheap abrasive sandblasting manufacturers pakistan). After Jin enters the carbon cathode and lining, it will cause the volume shadow and cracking of the cathode(80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). The experiment and anode design are shown in the figure.

In production, the anode is often compared to the "heart" of the electrolytic cell(aluminium oxide blasting media). Part of the metal sodium will form steam and go through the combustion state of the electrolyte surface, and the other part will penetrate into the fresh carbon cathode and fine seam removal, The embedded alkali sodium compounds camna and CNNA were generated(cheap abrasive sandblasting manufacturers pakistan). The side process focuses on the idle pole effect and electrocatalysis(white aluminum oxide blast media).

When the temperature of this compound changes, it will produce volume expansion and shrinkage, resulting in cracks in the carbon block(cheap abrasive sandblasting manufacturers pakistan). The oxide in the cathode lining is formed by the reaction of / / ammonia. Carbon is carbon block, tamping paste and side wall carbon block. Sodium is the product of cathode reaction(aluminum oxide suppliers usa). The source of nitrogen is mainly air, which penetrates through the window hole of cathode steel plate on the steel shell.

According to the diffusion mechanism supported by dewng-1, sodium diffuses through the character of carbon(alumina black). Sodium chloride is a highly toxic substance. It decomposes with water to produce HCN highly toxic gas(alumina powder suppliers). In order to prevent the formation of oxides, 20% is added to the cathode carbon base paste(cheap abrasive sandblasting manufacturers pakistan). The test shows that when 20% is added to the bottom paste, the amount of chloride can reach L ~ 1.5% only without additives.

Therefore, in addition to suppressing the formation of bottled substances, it can also suppress the formation of sodium carbonate compounds, which is beneficial to prolong the life of the electrolytic cell(cheap abrasive sandblasting manufacturers pakistan). The Yang Ge process is very complicated, and it involves energy consumption and environmental pollution issues(aluminium oxide grit suppliers). Therefore, aluminum carbide is one of the reasons for the damage of the electrolytic carbon inner village.

The main process of anode will discuss the main reaction of anode, anode overvoltage, anode reaction mechanism and so on(aluminum oxide blasting media). Del used the radioisotope sodium for research. The vapor migration mechanism he proposed is that the diffusion of sodium first occurs in the porous part of the carbon material(vietnam aluminum oxide). Since the temperature of sodium is much higher than its boiling point, the sodium is in the form of steam(cheap abrasive sandblasting manufacturers pakistan). Into the carbon.

Over time, it will cause the loss of the cathode carbon block(cheap abrasive sandblasting manufacturers pakistan). There has been a long-term debate in the theoretical circle: is the primary product of the anode CO or CO2? Secondly, how does the overpotential of the idle electrode produce? The current interruption method and high-fault digital display are used to sample with an interval of 5ms between points, and the potential decay is recorded within microseconds of the current interruption(aluminium oxide suppliers south africa).

There are also several improvements in the design of the electrolysis cell(white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit). The overvoltage problem of the electrolytic cell is mainly the problem of anode overvoltage. For example, a lot of research work has been done on the influence of concentration on anode overvoltage, and the results obtained are divergent, but the general trend is the same(china brown fused alumina manufacturers): as the content of the electrolyte increases, the anode overvoltage gradually decreases(cheap abrasive sandblasting manufacturers pakistan).

The measured results are shown in the figure(cheap abrasive sandblasting manufacturers pakistan). The overvoltage of the electrolysis plant is actually caused by the anode overvoltage and the cathode overvoltage. , Anode concentration overvoltage consists of three parts, which can be expressed by the following formula(how to choose white fused alumina): In the above formula, the cathode overvoltage is less than 0.1V, the anode concentration overvoltage is 0.01V, and the anode overvoltage is 0.7~0.8V.

The increase of anode current density directly affects the increase of anode overvoltage(aluminum oxide wholesale). A variety of laboratory studies and on-site industrial tank measurements have shown the linear relationship between the two. The figure is a typical example(cheap abrasive sandblasting manufacturers pakistan). If the path of the anode reaction changes with the increase of current density, there will be a loss point(aluminum oxide grit): with current As the density increases, the anode overvoltage increases sharply.

At the same time, the anode process is closely related to the smoothness of aluminum electrolysis production(aluminum oxide blast media canada). Mazhacv et al. used the current interruption technique to determine the relationship between the concentration in cryolite melt and the anode overvoltage, and the results are shown in the figure(aluminum oxide abrasive suppliers). Due to the limitation of the measurement technology at that time, his overvoltage data was low(cheap abrasive sandblasting manufacturers pakistan). The structure of the anode area is relatively determined.

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